Who Uses Synthetic Urine and for What Purpose?


Many American millennials in some states rejoiced when recreational use of marijuana was legalized, yet they failed to foresee that it could impact their jobs. While employers in those states recognize the right of individuals to use marijuana if they so desire, as business owners they also exercised the right to keep their business place drug-free. In so doing, they require employees to undergo drug tests as proof that they are not into using the substance.

While it sent many into panic mode, worries later dissipated after learning that there is such a thing as synthetic urine being sold openly and legally in online markets. While not everyone was able to pull a clean bill of health using the pseudo urine, it was just a matter of choosing the best fake urine as recommended by those who were able to pass their urine tests.

Apparently, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) became aware of the synthetic urine samples, which many came to regard as a form of cheating. The HHS took action by directing its Administration for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services to improve the procedures for specimen collection, whilst requiring urine analysis labs to employ a more sophisticated form of technology.

Manufacturers of the best fake urine though contend that those who were caught “cheating” submitted poor quality synthetic urine. That being the case, users were advised to examine carefully the product they bought to make sure they are of good quality. However the more practical solution is to give customers a set of guides for making informed decisions when buying the product.

Buying Guides When Ordering Synthetic Urine Online

To have a better understanding of the buying guide, customers must first understand the characteristics of a high quality synthetic urine. Since it’s composed mainly of chemicals, it must have a good yellow coloring created by creatinine and B-vitamins. Some uric acid must also be present as a way to imitate the smell of a genuine urine sample.

Since collecting facilities are into checking the temperature of the urine sample right after a donor-user comes out of the restroom, a good synthetic urine must maintain a stable temperature of between 32 and 38°C to avoid suspicion. A product that becomes too hot or too cold will likely fail to pass the temperature test at point of collection

To choose the best synthetic urine kit sold online, give particular attention to essential ingredients like uric acid, urea, creatinine and the pH balance of which the specific degree should be in the range of between 1.005-1.030.

A good synthetic urine can be reheated so you can test the temperature using accurate temperature strips. Bear in mind that collecting agents know that temperature is an essential element, and they also use reliable temperature strip to determine if the sample submitted is fake or real.

The donor-user will know if the fake urine sample passed the collecting agent scrutiny if he checks the “Yes” box in the Custidy and Control Form (CCF) and proceeds with the collection procedure. On the other hand, if the urine sample’s temperature does not check out, the collecting agent will not reject the fake urine outright. He will instead add a note in the CCF that the sample’s temperature is out of range, in addition to marking the NO box.