Warm or Cold, Weather Conditions Can Affect Mood and Productivity


Weather conditions can actually influence mood and productivity as most people feel good when the day is bright and sunny; or feel depressed during winter. However, researchers have arrived with different findings in support of general beliefs about the effects of warm and cold weather. Based on the workings of the human body, studies revealed that humid weathers and high levels of temperature can influence brain neurochemistry that can compromise mental performance.

Thermal Stress and Its Effect on Cognitive Functions

A modern study explored the influence of thermal stress on the cognitive function of military troops while spending a year in desert conditions. After evaluating their cognitive functions and memory, it was revealed that cognitive performance diminished in hot climates when compared to their performance in a regular weather. The impairments were mostly noticeable in the aspects of verbal memory, concentration, psychomotor performance and attention.

Effects of Cold Weather on Cognitive Performance

When it came to studies pertaining to cognitive functions in a cold climate, findings demonstrated both improvements and deterioration. Studies about the effects of winter season on the body, showed that cold conditions allow people to think more clearly whilst urging the mind to wake up. Our brain’s main energy source is glucose and if not enough energy supply reaches the brain, it cannot function properly.

The energy produced by glucose mainly supplies the energy utilized by the body in regulating body temperature, particularly during very cold or hot climates. The related studies found out that during warm weather conditions, the body uses more energy in cooling the body as response to thermal stress.

Warm conditions could make the body use up large amounts of glucose energy, leaving the brain lacking in energy supply. Such a condition leads to impaired ability to think clearly and and to carry out other brain function.

Warm or Cold, the Weather Can Affect our Mental State

In general, it is believed by experts that not everyone has the same response to changes in weather conditions. Studies have shown differences that can be exhibited by four types of individuals, namely:

Summer Lovers – The people who feel better when there is more sun and the weather is warm;

Summer Haters – Those who exhibit the opposite and have bad moods when there is sunny and warm;

Rain Haters – These are the people who feel cranky during rainy days and;

The Unaffected – Denotes exactly what it says in referring to people who do not show any changes or response to specific types of weather.

It is notable that weather conditions, particularly those that are extreme, also influence the level of serotonin and dopamine in our brain. It is generally understood one reason why individuals have various reactions to weather, mostly is heredity.

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