Lose Weight: Room Temperature & In Heat

According to studies, there is a very specific room temperature that helps the body burn fat. Losing weight, fat burning and others are not only topics that you deal with almost every day. Science is also interested in the fight against fat. There is now a study on almost every major diet question. The latest […]

Important Facts to Learn from Studies about Growth Hormones

More than 65 years ago, scientists learned of the brain’s pea-sized pituitary gland, its secretion of growth hormones and the stimulants to which it responds. While previous studies showed that exercise can increase growth hormones (GH) secretion, environmental temperatures can affect the release of GH. Passive heating is considered a potent stimulus for GH release. […]

Belly Burner: Climate Change and Health

A warmer world is hard on the body. The more frequent heat waves it brings is a health hazard. Climate change also brings more pollen and more mosquitoes which can be harmful to your health. Belly Burner: Food security at risk during climate change Scientists have tried to estimate how strong the rise in temperature […]

Chiropractor: Cold Weather & Joint Pain

Autumn is definitely the season of rains, strong winds, rapidly falling temperatures. Some people associate joint pain with these meteorological phenomena. People with rheumatism feel the weather change and often “predict” the times when it will rain or temperature changes due to joint pain associated with it. On the other hand, chiropractor Dr Becker can […]