Massage Techniques For Cold Season


A winter massage helps patients to recharge their batteries during the cold season and to strengthen the immune system over the long term. Just like the summer massages, variants for the winter have various principles that differentiate them from conventional applications.

In this context, the massage St Louis for the cold days of the year scores above all with its strong influence on general well-being. This also explains why it is so popular within the various practices. Aquarius Wellness Center offers a range of specialty massages and customized wellness services for every season. Travelers can enjoy different kinds of wellness massage here.

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Winter massage/summer massage – thermotherapy with versatility

In addition to the winter massage, there are also practices for the summer months, which are referred to as summer massages. The concept is similar because no special techniques can be identified here either, but instead ordinary types of massage have been adapted to the summer. Both the latter and massages in winter relate to the thermal effect and use cold or heat to intensify the treatment effect.

The differences are clear because summer massages embody the exact opposite of a winter application. If warm spaces and a cozy environment are preferred for those, summer massages are optimally suited for use in the great outdoors. This means that the summer weather lifts the spirits.

Winter massage precautions – effective for well-being

If you want to use a winter massage, you should also pay attention to the ambiance. After all, this has a decisive influence on the effectiveness of the treatment because it supports the patient in fully engaging with the procedure. The focus is on cosines. Winter massages have to radiate a pleasant feeling of security and harmony.

In contrast to other techniques, deep relaxation can be created in advance through the use of candles, blankets, and a warm room temperature. This affects the entire technique and projects its guiding principles to the outside. However, the specialist practitioner must ensure that the ambient temperature does not get too hot. Then there is a risk that the mucous membranes will dry out.

Winter massage practice – relax in a gentle way

The massage for the winter cannot be generalized from the procedure. In principle, however, the techniques begin with a preliminary discussion and careful stroking, so that the patient can adjust to the treatment. In the course of this, more intensive grips, circles, or light kneading follow to release blockages.

The massage in winter then promotes the immune system, achieves deep relaxation, and helps to live through the cold seasons with vitality and a positive mood.