Lose Weight: Room Temperature & In Heat


According to studies, there is a very specific room temperature that helps the body burn fat.

Losing weight, fat burning and others are not only topics that you deal with almost every day. Science is also interested in the fight against fat. There is now a study on almost every major diet question. The latest finding is that research teams have found that room temperature is linked to fat burning.


Cool temperatures promote fat burning

Turn off the heating and the pounds tumble? Nearly as some studies show. The body needs more energy at cooler temperatures to maintain the natural body temperature of 36 degrees. This means that more fat is burned. Ventilating thoroughly every now and then and exposing yourself to lower temperatures helps with weight loss and is actually very healthy. But that doesn’t mean you have to freeze straight away.

A temperature of around 20 degrees in living rooms and 18 degrees in bedrooms is recommended. Especially in wintry weather, the temperatures at home quickly rise above 20 degrees. Ventilate regularly, because if you heat up a lot, the room air will quickly become very dry, which is anything but good for the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, it has also been proven that you sleep much better in cool bedrooms.

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Diet: Easier to lose weight in the heat

You probably think the same thing as most people. Because you sweat more when the temperature is high, you lose more fluid and therefore lose weight faster and better. Sounds logical, but it’s not true. As researchers found out in a study that it is not the increased fluid loss that is responsible for the weight loss effect, but increased fluid intake.

It is therefore reasonable to drink lots of water if you want to lose weight with dietary supplements like protetox. This will help you achieve long-term weight loss goals. Read consumer reviews to get the legit product.

The metabolism is stimulated and calories are burned because you drink more when it’s hot. Just half a liter of water can increase the basal metabolic rate by 50 kilograms in people of normal weight. Overweight subjects are also able to increase their energy expenditure by 120 percent by drinking water and burn between ten and 30 additional calories.