Why Vaping is More Eco-Friendly?




Anyone who regularly deals with the topic of vaping and e-cigarettes has certainly heard a lot about the many health advantages compared to conventional cigarettes. Even from a scientific point of view, there is agreement that using e-cigarettes is a great way to quit smoking.


A topic that will certainly interest many smokers and those who want to quit in the future is the question of environmental friendliness. Can the technical equivalent of a cigarette really be more ecological? Is it beneficial to our climate? Why the answer here must definitely be “Yes!” and how much more environmentally friendly vaping really is, we show you in this post.


Smoking and the environment

Smoking is not only a disaster from a health point of view but also bad for the environment. With all the thoughts about the health of smokers, it is often forgotten how the many toxins contained affect the surrounding area. The damage to the environment begins with the cultivation itself.


Tobacco is often grown in monocultures, which must be supported by a large number of chemical substances in order to remain free of pests. In order to create further areas for tobacco cultivation, many hectares of forest are cut down every year, which is at the expense of the local plants and wildlife. But even after the cigarette has been made and finds its way to humans, the damage is not over yet.


Even the most meticulous smoker cannot avoid disposing of a dump outside of a designated collection container from time to time. The toxins from the squeezed cigarette get into the groundwater, are absorbed by animals and plants, and cause great damage. The toxins should not be underestimated and a single cigarette is enough to make up to 50 liters of water inedible and harmful to health.


Of course, air pollution must also be named. Everyone knows the danger of passive smoking and especially vapers try to avoid it in order not to relapse in the end. A hundred million smoked cigarettes a day have a measurable effect on the air we breathe. And in the end, it can only be said in summary that many of the effects of smoking on the environment are simply irreversible.


Some toxic substances can no longer be removed from the water and end up in our drinking water or in the fields and finally in our food.


If you look at the effect of cigarette consumption in its entirety, mindful smoking and the one who meticulously collects every own cigarette can hardly be talked about nicely. The environmental balance can be improved, but of course, the best effect is to quit smoking.



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To capture the exact effect, it makes the most sense to first look at some numbers. Every year, smoking produces no less than 4 billion cigarette butts. Only a fraction of these are disposed of properly and even then the toxic ingredients cannot be completely rendered harmless.


Plastics, toxins, and everything end up in our environment. For this reason alone, vaping cannot be judged in comparison to being ecological and environmentally friendly. Not only is the consumption of e-liquids with the help of e-cigarettes about 95% less harmful than that of cigarettes, but at the same time, you also make your contribution to the preservation of the environment.


However, you can do even more to make vaping more environmentally friendly by keeping the following in mind.


What to do with old batteries?

Recycling is a well-known topic. But very few vapers know that many parts of the e-cigarette can be recycled. This applies above all to most batteries. To dispose of a disused battery properly, you have various options.


On the one hand, you can contact the local waste service provider, who will inform you about nearby disposal stations. But even local electrical dealers or electricians usually have a recycling station or at least know how and where you can dispose of old batteries well so that they can be recycled and do not become a burden on the environment.


Electrical waste in particular can be disposed of correctly very easily and the knowledge of making a contribution to environmental protection makes such behavior even more attractive.



If you have been on the road with an e-cigarette for a long time, you may even have come across one of these silly restrictions. Under the premise of wanting to ensure cleaner air, some places prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in addition to cigarettes.


But the mere suggestion that cigarette smoke and the vapor of an electronic cigarette would be similarly harmful to the environment is devoid of any scientific justification. The comparison and, above all, the same treatment is absolutely unfounded. Studies have shown that the particles in the vapor of an e-cigarette, as soon as they are exhaled, simply dissolve when in contact with the air and do not leave toxic or even carcinogenic smoke, as normal smokers do.


Steam dissolves faster, which is better not only for the air and the earth but also for all bystanders who would otherwise be exposed to the dangers of passive smoking.


So it’s fair to say that vaping is environmentally friendly, especially when you see it compared to regular smoking. If you then also contribute your part and recycle disused parts accordingly, there is nothing to criticize from an ecological point of view.


All those who, in addition to their own health, have been looking for another reason to finally quit smoking, should also be reminded of the environment, which suffers from billions of cigarette butts every year. Every new vaper who quits smoking does his part to make the world a little better.