10 Ways To Keep Your Make Up In Warm Weather


Bride putting on make up on a hot summer day


Every woman struggles with it sometimes: how do you keep your make-up neat when it is extremely hot? If the sweat runs along with your temples, it is advisable to adjust your makeup a bit. Want to know how? Aside from opting for microblading (which is an obvious choice for permanent makeup), I have listed 10 tips that will help you keep your makeup beautiful in really hot weather!


Of course, you could choose not to apply any makeup at all, but I also know that’s not always an option. That is also the case with me, even in a heat wave I have make-up on, but then the “heat wave edition”.


1. Extra hydration

During hot days you sweat much more than usual, so you have to keep replenishing your body with moisture: drinking water is a must! But don’t forget to hydrate your skin by using a moisturizing cream or serum.


2. SPF

Chances are that you are outside more when it is hot, even though you may not be sitting or lying directly in the sun. Therefore, always use a product that protects you from the sun, such as sunscreen or day cream with SPF. And did you know that there are also foundations or powders with SPF?! If you go into the sun later, dab a layer of sunscreen over your make-up or wear a large hat! Never go into the sun unprotected!


3. Prep & Prime

On hot days, a primer under my makeup is indispensable for me. It ensures that foundation and/or other make-up stays in place and my skin shines less. I don’t use it all over my face, but in the places where makeup wears off or slips faster, on the T-zone and just next to my nose.


4. Long-lasting, mattifying foundation

I like shiny, rich foundations, but on really hot days I choose a specific long-lasting variant such as the Infallible 24H stay fresh foundation that stays in place even in hot and humid weather. If you have oilier skin, then the Infallible 24H matte foundation is very good, which has an extra matte finish.


5. Mattifying powder

Everyone has parts on the face that shine more than other parts and it is precisely on those shiny spots that you have to apply some mattifying powder with a large brush. Push the powder on the skin and wipe away the excess powder, if you use a good powder you only have to do that once a day.



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6. Finishing powder or bronzer

Working in layers is the best tip for long-lasting makeup in a heat wave, I notice that it is better to use thin layers of different products instead of one thick layer, matte foundation. After some testing, I have noticed that my skin is happy when I use a finishing powder or (not too dark) bronzer. Apply it in an airy layer and it ensures that the make-up stays in place even better!


7. Eyeshadow primer

Even if you do not wear eyeshadow on a hot day, an eyeshadow primer is a good idea, this layer neutralizes the color of the skin around the eyes and ensures that eye pencil and/or eyeliner do not run out. Of course, it also helps to keep eyeshadow in place, even if you start sweating and you won’t see mascara leaks anymore!


8. Water resistant eyeliner & mascara

If you don’t feel like panda eyes, then a waterproof mascara and/or eye pencil is a must on hot days. The Volum Million Lashes waterproof is really waterproof and yet easy to remove with lukewarm water and a make-up remover.


9. Long-lasting lipstick

Bright lipstick is beautiful in summer, but the well-known shiny lipsticks sometimes do not last as long as you would like. Fortunately, there are the Infallible liquid lipsticks that you apply in two steps, step 1 provides an intense, matte color that lasts all day and step 2 gives extra comfort and care. No matter how many cocktails you drink, no matter how many holiday sweethearts you kiss…your lipstick will be good all day long!


10th Setting Spray

Are you completely done with your makeup? Then the very last step is to use a fixation spray that will keep your makeup beautiful even longer. If you put such a spray in the refrigerator, it also feels extra fresh. You can use the spray several times a day, blissful when it is really hot!