Bad Hair Day Is It Really the Weather or You?


Bad hair day is a real problem for people who always want to look their best at any time, anywhere and in all kinds of weather, as it can affect their mood. When your hair is misbehaving, there may be other reasons why you tend to react the way you do, which in all probability may be health related.

While a change in climate or temperature can indeed trigger a bad hair day, you should also know that mood swings could be a result of hormonal imbalance due to poor nutrition, inadequacy of water intakes, smoking, or in some cases, as symptoms of certain health disorders.

While we can recommend several remedies to control frizzes and curls; or to put some bounce back to hair strands that have gone limp and flat, they can only make you look and feel better until the next “bad hair day” comes along. Actually, people are often using the phrase as an idiomatic expression; often to describe situations when and where things are not turning out right for them.

Just so you’ll be clear on what aspects of the weather cause hair to misbehave, the following are some scientific explanations supporting “bad hair day” claims:

Bad Hair Day During Cold Winter Weather

Winter weather is a lot of fun for numerous cold weather activities like sledding, ice-skating and skiing, without having to spend or travel to ski resorts. However the cold dry winter air can also create static reactions in your hair, causing hair strands to fly away in different directions. More so if it gets you into a bad mood as your fun day gets ruined by a mop of messy hair.

As temperature drops, the negatively-charged electrons go off, leaving your hair full of positively-charged electrons. Since nothing is in place to repel the positive charges, hair strands become unruly and uncontrollable. Dry-winter air can leave your hair devoid of moisture, which can create styling problems until spring. Not unless, you give your hair some form of supplement by way of hair treatment,

Rainy Weather and High Humidity

The downpours during rainy seasons are hairstyle wreckers as they already are. Yet the problem is aggravated by the humidity factor, whether high or low. When humidity level is high, much of the moisture available in the environment is trapped in the air, which can leave you feeling uncomfortable. If your hair is thick and curly, a day of high humidity will cause curly locks to tangle.

Now if your hair is straight but dry and damaged, high humidity or absence of air moisture will aggravate the frayed hair strands to make them look a lot drier than they actually are.

Many go to Florida to escape the cold harsh weather during the winter season. However, many are not aware that Florida is prone to frequent downpours and high humidity, especially in areas near the Florida Gulf Cost.

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