Adjustable Bed for Superior Comfort


Many people not only sleep in their bed but also watch TV or read a book there in the evening. However, this is impractical when lying completely horizontally. So that you don’t have to take a cramped position, it is recommended to use the best adjustable bed which you can set up vertically and adjust according to current requirements.

An adjustable grate is also ideal if you want or have to take a slightly higher position due to physical ailments, such as problems with your back or the intervertebral discs.

Adjustable in the head and foot area for better health

adjustable bed

An adjustable slatted frame usually has a base frame that is divided into a head and foot section. Both areas can be adjusted independently of each other. The individual areas can also be brought into different positions step by step. The feet are positioned higher on an inclined foot section.

The heart and circulation are temporarily relieved by this foot adjustment. With the head adjustment, not only is a more upright head posture possible, but sitting is also possible. Eating, drinking, and reading work wonderfully even in bed.

Another extra is the central zone adjustment. The area on which the buttocks and hips rest can be adjusted to the body weight. This is particularly convenient for anyone who has to spend a long time in bed. The emergency lowering makes it easier to get out of bed.

Adjustable bed for good wellbeing: Manually or electrically

With a manually adjustable slatted frame, only a few easy-to-understand movements are sufficient to change the angle of the head section and the foot section. Stable metal fittings make this possible. An electric slatted frame with a motor is even more comfortable and turns the bedroom into a place of pure relaxation. Here, the grate can be easily moved to the desired position using the remote control while you are lying in bed.

Regardless of whether it is electric or manual, an adjustable bed frame is not suitable for all mattresses. For example, it is not suitable for pocket spring core mattresses, as the springs are bent, stressed too much and ultimately damaged.

Choose your favorite bed frame and other bed components, put together your dream bed and find out what a good night’s sleep for better health really means.