How Our Health Reacts to Sudden Change in Weather or Climate?


Do you think that an abrupt change in weather could trigger illnesses regardless if you are taking vitamins or supplements like Reduslim? According to experts, it is. The fact is, climate change is among the environmental risk factors that many doctors are considering when they are assessing the conditions of their patients.

Weather and Health are Interrelated

Perhaps, you are still trying to process it. But let us convinced you and be more careful when such situation happens. This way, if you or someone you know is affected, you can be prepared.

Illnesses and Infections of Upper Respiratory Tract

Whenever the temperature fluctuates, it is recommended for some people to dress in light layers. By doing so, it is protecting them from the cold temperatures in the morning as well as at night. When you are indoors or during warm middays, you can always shed those layers.

According to doctors too, patients have the tendency to have their bodies too cold or overheated simply because they are wearing too many layers or not wearing enough layers. This is enough grounds for their immune system’s response to be affected and trigger infections in the upper respiratory system.

Throat Issues and Chronic Sinus

HVACs are struggling to maintain their performance with fluctuating temperatures and the rapid alternating systems could dehumidify the air. When the air is dehumidified, it is filled with dust, mildew, mold and pollen.

This is the perfect storm for creating the perfect chronic sinus as well as throat problems. With that said, it is essential that you regularly change your HVACs air filters at least every half year.

Otherwise, it is more likely to blow mold, dust and mildew-ridden air that you and your family don’t want to breathe.

Triggering Seasonal Asthma and Bronchitis

Cold air is capable of triggering bronchitis and seasonal asthma. People who have such conditions must be prepared in using their inhalers to be able to prevent serious coughing episodes.

Flu and Cold Outbreaks

As the weather in your area improves temporarily, it becomes pretty common for coworkers, school children and coworkers to gather for a group activity. Even if just one person is sick either with flu or cold, you might see a minor outbreak of illness after the said gathering.

Joint and Muscle Injuries


By the time when the weather warms up, people are so eager to go outdoors. But being so active on the joints and muscles that are on hibernation throughout cold months might result in injuries. A general rule here before you do any rigorous activities is to take it gradually.