Weeds Ideal for Outdoor Climate


Cannabis plant outdoors

Good outdoor weed has a number of properties. So you can actually decide for yourself whether a cannabis plant is suitable for outdoor use. Growing cannabis outside is what producers of cannabis products do to grow their cannabis.

The most important thing is to know that every cannabis plant or cannabis seed grows outside, a plant just belongs outside and not inside. This is also true because when we grow indoors we do our utmost to imitate outdoors.

There is of course a difference between the summers in a far southern country and our cold Netherlands. In the Netherlands, not all cannabis seeds or cannabis plants are equally suitable for growing outdoors, this is purely because of the humid climate. If you are looking for a cannabis plant that is suitable as outdoor cannabis in the Netherlands, you should make sure that they:

  • is strong
  • is mould resistant
  • can withstand a humid environment well to prevent top rot

If your plant meets these points, it will do fine in the garden, balcony or vegetable garden.

When can I start my outdoor growing?

You can set up your outdoor cultivation when it is no longer freezing. That should be about the beginning of May. Young cannabis plants can’t stand night frosts at all. Since you can have to deal with that with an outdoor grow, you have to take that into account. A night frost can be fatal for a young cannabis plant.

Rainwater or tap water for my cannabis plants outside?

The best is rainwater, this is pure and contains more nutrients than tap water. Tap water also usually contains too high a pH value. Try to collect your rainwater and feed your plants with it. Rainwater is the best moisture for a cannabis plant.

What should I pay attention to when I grow somewhere outdoors? (Guerilla breeding)

If you are going to grow outdoors, you are dealing with an environment that you usually cannot protect. For example, there are animals that like a whole cannabis plant, insects can also completely ruin your harvest. In addition, you do not want the manager or hikers to discover your plants. So there are quite a few things to take into account.

What should I pay attention to if I want to put a cannabis plant outside in my garden?

Provide as much sun as possible during the day. So avoid places with a lot of shade and look for places where the sun shines as long as possible. Be careful with places where moss grows, if that is the case then the environment is much too humid for a cannabis plant. You are guaranteed to have problems when the plant blooms or is in bloom.


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Growing weed outdoors in a pot

Growing outdoors in a pot has a very big advantage. You can always move your plant and give it optimal sunlight. A disadvantage is that it is limited in its growth because it is in a pot, it will probably not grow very large.

Growing weed outdoors in the open ground

What should I pay attention to when growing in open ground? If you are going to grow outdoors in the open ground, you first look for a suitable place, not too much in the shade of trees and the like. A cannabis plant in the open ground usually also needs to be fed. In a vegetable garden where other crops have already grown, the soil is rich in all kinds of substances while in the wild the soil is usually much poorer. A cannabis plant in the open ground can, depending on the species, grow up to 3 meters high!

What is good soil for outdoor weed?

If you grow in a pot, it is best to take cutting soil or you buy special soil with nutrients from a grow shop. If you want to set up a guerilla grow, in the forest or somewhere in nature, then you have to choose the right surface. First of all, it is very good if the soil in which your cannabis plant grows is quite loose in structure, stepped hard soil is more difficult for the roots to grow. In places where nettles grow, the soil has an ideal acidity (PH value) for cannabis plants.