The Benefits of a Summer Massage


Woman getting a massage in a summer


Summer temperatures trigger holiday feelings in most people and create a positive mood. On the other hand, very few people think of a soothing massage when the sun is high in the sky. After all, such an application is usually associated with warm packs, a cozy atmosphere in non-air-conditioned premises, and rest periods wrapped in blankets.

Not optimal conditions in midsummer. However, a massage like the Thai massage is versatile enough to unfold its effect even in the hot season and to give the patient added value. But it depends on the massage variant, which is practiced by the therapist because conventional techniques in heat have rather disadvantages. Check out 홈타이 추천 (home Thai recommendation) here.

Massage in summer – useful or unpleasant?

Just when the barometer reaches its peak, some patients shy away from a massage and in fact, practices that are otherwise used in colder seasons would be ineffective. After all, a standard treatment is based on the use of heat to loosen the muscles and relax the organism in depth. If a masseur practices the same type of massage despite the heat, it could quickly lead to circulatory problems or malaise.

Body temperature rises, blood pressure increases, and the body itself is exposed to excessive stress. Not to forget the subjective feeling of the patient, who hardly perceives a corresponding technique as relaxing. Who would like to be massaged in a closed room in the middle of summer when he can cool off outdoors in the lake? In particular, people who already suffer from an unstable cardiovascular system should urgently refrain from extensive massage in this case. It would have more disadvantages than the person concerned feels an effect.

Often, therefore, massages in summer are generally discouraged, but this is not true. Rather, the technique proves to be the cause of the ineffective application. A wellness treatment during the summer days should therefore be specifically tailored to the changed conditions.

Summer massage – regenerating alternative to ordinary techniques

In the heat, massages can quickly become uncomfortable, especially if the therapist does not align his concept with the warm temperatures. Massage treatments could also have an effect in summer and give patients an intense moment of recovery. For this purpose, only the practice has to be changed, because instead of treatments with heat, the specialist practitioner should rely on cooling elements.

Thus, the massage provides deep relaxation without unnecessarily burdening the organism. In contrast to traditional methods, the therapist integrates heat into his technique and builds a completely different treatment on it. Accordingly, the focus is no longer on the supply of heat and the maintenance of body temperature, but on a cooling effect for the strained circulation and an invigorating feeling for the powerless musculoskeletal system.

The aim is to create a balance for the person, which rather relieves and revitalizes the body in summer. Consequently, the massage does not use the thermotherapies by means of heat supply as usual, but very well by the release of cold. Therefore, there are no negative side effects during the application, which are otherwise recognizable by the coincidence of massages and hot temperatures.

Such a summer massage thus differs significantly from conventional methods and:

  • cools the organism instead of heating it
  • uses another form of thermotherapy
  • focuses on cold
  • uses massage oil or packs in refrigerated form

Although treatment in heat in this version can lead to a moment of complete relaxation, it still has some disadvantages. Especially sensitive people could feel skin irritation, an increased sensation of pain, or cardiovascular problems due to exposure to cold. Likewise, this application should not be used in elderly patients, pregnant women, children, and people with health impairments or only after consultation with a doctor.

It behaves with a summer massage as well as with practices that involve a heat supply. They are only useful for patients who have an astable organism. Based on this, it would be advisable to adjust the intensity of the cooling application individually to the person concerned. Thermotherapies require extreme caution and mindfulness. Of course, the practicing practitioner should also be familiar with the matter so that a massage in the heat is completed correctly. If this succeeds, it can project several advantages to the outside world.

Areas of application of summer massage – invigorating practice for changing symptoms

As long as a massage is applied in heat and the wellness therapist chooses the right method, the treatment provides holistic well-being. In hot temperatures, this could help to bring the stressed organism back into harmony. At the same time, various complaints can be alleviated naturally so that the patient remains energetic and motivated during the summertime.

Some of the benefits of a summer massage are:

  • the activation of self-healing powers
  • the stimulation of metabolic activities
  • improved blood circulation
  • the stimulation of the lymphatic drainage system and the circulation
  • Release of new energy
  • more concentration and performance
  • the purification
  • Tightening of connective tissue
  • Therapy for sunburn, bruises, inflammatory processes, or injuries

In addition, a massage in warm temperatures is suitable for relaxation that helps the body, mind, and soul to rebalance. In combination with this, the technique stimulates the self-healing powers, so that the organism is more resilient and does not feel unnecessarily heavy due to the heat. Certainly, a corresponding application alone can not provide for this effect, because the patient must also do a part for it.

So it is advisable to refrain from high-calorie foods and to prefer easily digestible food. Furthermore, sports should only be done in moderation or in the early morning hours / later evening hours, because the heat is then usually less concise. The summer massage is then well suited to end a demanding strength training. Basically, technology also plays a major role in the practice of treatment in the warm season, because there are special practices that have only been developed for the summer months.


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Massage forms in summer – cold stone massage instead of a hot stone procedure

In general, many applications in summer can be modified to give patients more vitality and consciously deal with the prevailing heat. At the same time, however, various practices have also been introduced, which appear as an independent treatment methods.

These include the Cold Stone Massage, a summery variant of the traditional hot stone process. Here, the grip techniques and procedures are similar to a hot stone massage, but the therapist does not use heated basalt stones, but cooling elements in the form of white marble stones. They are tempered to about minus 10 degrees Celsius and used in different versions. Important here is their crystalline structure, whereby they have so-called tiny pore spaces. This makes it possible for them to store the cold and release it evenly to the body. Usually, professionals only use models that are ground and equipped with rounded edges.

Similar to the hot stone massage, the larger specimens are to be placed as layout stones under the patient’s body, while other versions also rest on the skin, and a third group is used for the actual massage. In this respect, the reflex zones and the face receive treatment with flattened marble stones. The cold stone massage has established itself over the years as a worthy alternative to the hot stone methodology and has a firm place in summer as a wellness practice in spas or massage practices.

Another approach for the warmer days is again a foot massage with cooling equipment. For this purpose, either mountain pine oil or rubbing alcohol is applied to the feet and rubbed with even strokes. This creates a combination of stimulating massage and revitalizing effects thanks to the ingredients it contains. Last but not least, there is also a practice that explicitly treats the legs, as many patients suffer from a feeling of heaviness in the heat. Then just as light to medium-strong strokes would be pleasant to give the legs new strength.

A welcome union is also the change between cold stone massage and the hot stone concept. This is how the piezoelectric reaction can begin. It causes deep relaxation of the muscles due to the rapid temperature change. Many wellness masseurs also practice classic massages and simply modify them by changing them with cooling elements. There are numerous ways to do this.

Special massage equipment – cold massage oil as the basis for relaxation

During the summertime, a massage should meet different requirements than in winter. A simple but effective way to optimize the treatment would be a cold massage oil. For this purpose, an experienced masseur always uses a high-quality product with skin compatibility, the best raw materials, and gentle production.

This ensures that even allergy sufferers or sensitive patients do not cause irritation. Ideally, it is almond or wheat germ oil that would be suitable. It is important that the oil absorbs quickly, does not become excessively greased, and can be used for a large target group of patients.

In summer, it is then mixed with various substances that have a cooling or invigorating effect on the organism. Essential oils, in particular, are a good choice as their fragrance stimulates the senses and releases new energies.

Some of the most common massage oils that accompany a positive effect in heat are:

  • Mint oil
  • Lemon oil
  • Aloe vera
  • Chamomile
  • Lime oil

These are used as a massage additive in summer only cold. For this purpose, the therapists store their massage oil in the refrigerator and remove it only shortly before the beginning of the treatment. Of course, the practitioner must first clarify whether the patient would agree with the use of cold massage oil and tolerate it. If he wants to get involved, the treatment has a stimulating effect and provides a pleasant recovery in high temperatures.

Another piece of equipment that is often used for summer massages is cold shea butter. It has the same cooling effect as a massage oil and also revitalizes the organism. The benefits of a massage in summer can also be improved by the right conditions. Especially experienced masseurs, therefore, offer their patients an unconventional massage therapy in heat, which supports the positive character of a cold stone massage.

Complementary measures – an effective way to summer massage

So that a massage application on warm days does not lead to unpleasant disadvantages, it should be practiced by a renowned professional. However, some ideas can also be found to intensify the effect of the practice. For example, many masseurs do not treat their patients in the heat of confined, stuffy premises. Instead, the professionals invite their clientele to a relaxing lounger under the open sky.

In hotels, there are special outdoor areas for this, but even a small lawn on which the mobile massage table is positioned can sustainably increase the efficiency of the practice. Not only the more pleasant temperatures or even the shallow wind can improve the effectiveness. The symbol of freedom, which conveys such a massage, the closeness to nature of picturesque scenery, and the silence ensure a positive mood in the person concerned. As a result, he is offered an extraordinary experience that redefines the term wellness in summer.

At the same time, patients can enrich their applications with cooling baths, face masks, or body wraps. Likewise, foot wraps or a gel with a cold effect are suitable, so the cold stone massage is even more helpful. They may be used before or after treatment. The duration of the practice, on the other hand, cannot be determined and is based on the patient and the prevailing temperatures. Sometimes it can be useful to start with short units and expand them continuously.

However, a summer massage proves to be an excellent modification of tried and tested techniques in any form, which ensures a holistic moment of relaxation even in the heat.