The Need to Detoxify when Monsoons Arrive with Seasonal Changes


As the monsoon winds arrive after a hot summer, a cooler season is up next with its cloudy weather, daily rain, and high risk of contracting various illnesses. People are prone to diseases during this time, as the season brings viruses and bacteria that weaken the immune and digestive system. One way to lessen the risk of catching illnesses during this weather conditions is by detoxification.

Understanding Detoxification and Why You Need It

Detoxification refers to cleaning your body internally by expelling toxins and revitalizing the body with a nutrient-rich diet. Not only is this approach more affordable, protecting yourself against illnesses equates to saving money, which also encourages you stay healthy.

An individual is in need of a body detoxification when he or she feels under the weather, whilst showing symptoms like skin problems, puffy-eyes, body aches, and malfunctioning digestive system. It is recommended that detoxification should be done annually, although it would be best to consult a medical professional first. That way, you will be properly guided on how long your detoxification should last; let’s say for about a week or even a month.


It’a different story altogether if a person is undergoing detoxification for the removal of unhealthy substances to which that person has been addicted. The history of the addiction, or dependence on a substance, will provide the basis on how long it will take to remove all toxins from the body, since the degree of addiction or dependence varies with each person.

In Arizona, specifically if in a detox center Phoenix az, the patient undergoing rehabilitation will also need nutrients to help the body recover from the withdrawal symptoms. Depending on how long the patient has been opioid dependent, withdrawal occurs as soon as the intakes stop or reduced,

Food to Eat And to Avoid When Detoxifying

  • Successfully detoxifying your body means that you accomplished removing addictive substances from your life such as cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. Detoxification revolves around what you specifically eat in a day, which means you need to avoid unhealthy food preps like:
  • Fried food;
  • Food with refined sugar;
  • Food with saturated fats;
  • Processed food;
  • Dairy products; Chocolates and soft driks; and
  • Eggs.

Still, the aforementioned food items can be eaten once in a while to consume in moderation. Replace them with the following healthy food items instead; being low in carbohydrates and fat, as well as loaded with protein:

  • Dried fruits;
  • Fresh fruits;
  • Salad;
  • Whole grain wheat;
  • Food filled with antioxidants;
  • Green vegetables;
  • Beans and legumes; and
  • Brown or white rice.