Research Studies Reveal How Brown Fat Can Be Harnessed to Promote Weight Loss


A study published in Nature Journal in March 2018 revealed that the human body has a natural tendency to burn extra calories when exposed to a colder temperature. These findings were reiterated by newer research published in April 2021 in Nature Metabolism, which established that calorie-burning activities are initiated by the body’s brown fat tissues.

Both findings suggest that brown fat cells can be harnessed to promote fat-burning processes that will help reduce the excess white fats in overweight and obese individuals.

The 2018 study suggests exposing the body to colder temperatures to simulate conditions that induce the calorie-burning activities of brown fat. The problem though is that the body has limited capability to produce brown fats.

Ordinarily, brown adipose tissues (BAT) are found mostly in the nape and shoulder areas, and in small spaces inside muscle tissues. According to the study, brown fats in adults merely rev up metabolism that will initiate the distribution of nutrients and the production of energy to keep the body warm.

Recruitable Stem and White Cells that Can Boost Production of Brown Fat Cells

Further research revealed that when given the right conditions, stem cells and even white fat cells can be recruited or converted into becoming brown fat cells. These findings gave rise to the concept that if the body’s recruitable white fat cells can be converted into brown fat cells, the conversion will reduce the accumulations of stored white fats that tend to increase the body mass index.

As it is, overweight and obese adults have mostly inert energy stored in white fat tissues (WAT), oftentimes surrounding most of the body organs, especially in the belly area where there are no active brown fat cells. That is why the body cannot withstand extreme or prolonged cold temperatures without external protection, as there are not enough brown body fats available to naturally insulate and protect the entire body against freezing temperatures.

Nevertheless, the realization that there is no pre-programmed mechanism that the body follows in the production of brown fat cells, gave rise to the idea of focusing on brown fat production in the development of weight loss medications. However, the formulations of such treatment must carefully develop the right blend that will not result to excessive internal body heat.

Exipure Provides Example of Weight Loss Using the Brown Fat Boost Method

Actually, a nascent weight loss supplement called Exipure, which came out last October 2021, has been gaining positive reviews. As explained by the Exipure website, the weight loss formulation is focused on boosting the production of brown fat cells. Now it seems that the developers have come up with the right balance of certain organic and exotic ingredients in promoting metabolism that includes increased production of brown fat cells in different parts of the body.

As a matter of fact, the company is quite confident of the exipure formulation created by Drs. Lam, James Wilkins, and Jack Barrett, there is a 180-day Money Back Guarantee offer on the table. However, consumers must buy Exipure only from the manufacturer’s website as the company does not sell its product in other online stores.