Low Room Temperature And Weight Loss


In the winter months, you look forward to well-heated rooms and warm blankets. Especially when you come in from outside, the warmth is welcome.

Disadvantages of warm rooms for losing weight

Staying in warm rooms all the time, regardless of the season, also has its disadvantages. The metabolism becomes sluggish and the body has a harder time burning fat. Another disadvantage of constant heat. You become more susceptible to temperature fluctuations and eventually, you don’t get along so well with the cold overall.

Lose weight safely in cooler temperatures

At cooler temperatures, on the other hand, the body needs more energy to maintain its temperature of 36 degrees, so more fat is burned accordingly. Exposing yourself to lower temperatures every now and then helps you lose weight safely and healthily. You don’t have to be cold at the same time. The recommended temperatures for living rooms are 20 degrees and in the bedroom 18 degrees.


In wintry, well-heated living rooms, however, the temperature is often well over 20 degrees. So if you stick to the temperature recommendations and don’t overheat the rooms that can already help you not to shut down your metabolism too much. Sleep is also better and more restful in cool bedrooms. The whole climate is healthier in properly heated living rooms. Room air that is too warm also becomes very dry and thus attacks the mucous membranes.

If you want to put up with it, you can regulate the room temperature even further down. Even staying below 20 degrees has an effect on calorie consumption. Cold showers also boost the metabolism and help burn fat, but you shouldn’t cool down the body too much.

Cold can also help you lose weight in a completely different way. A glass of cold water in the morning means that the body has to increase its metabolism to bring the cool drink up to temperature. It also curbs cravings. Outdoor walks are also recommended. You should wrap yourself up thick enough so that you don’t get seriously cold. However, you should also take into account that you will get warmer when you move. Here it is important to find the right balance.