Are Perfume Fragrances Affected by Seasonal Changes?


Choosing a perfume is typically a personal decision on what a user believes is the pleasing signature scent by which his or her presence will be recognized. Yet the idea might not always hold true. Fragrance experts involved in the actual designing or formulation of fragrances explain that certain conditions can cause changes, not to the perfume itself but to the person wearing a particular fragrance.

Take note that a properly stored perfume in a bottle smells exactly the same, in whatever part of the world it stays. Any change in smell may occur when the perfume is worn by the user in a geographical location with a different climate or temperature.

Due to changes in skin reactions as a result of seasonal  changes, the fragrance of the perfume worn will also change. Fragrance designers explain such changes as occurring in the fragrance notes making up the composition of a perfume.

What Exactly are Fragrance Notes?

A reference to fragrance note would mean the different layers of scent formulation making up the final fragrance of a perfume. Perfumers combine the top, the heart and the base layers of fragrance concoctions to arrive on what is decided as the most pleasing and attractive perfume scent.

Once a user dabs perfume on the skin while in a cold weather, a colder body temperature and the denser air, will allow the skin to absorb the fragrance notes before the perfume’s carrier substance evaporates.

As opposed to applying the perfume on the skin in a warm location, a warmer skin temperature will be quick to dissipate the fragrance layers. More so on skin types that are quick to sweat, which adds a layer of sweat to the fragrance notes absorbed by the skin.

Picking The Right Kind of Perfume for the Right Season or Location

If you are simply looking for a kind of perfume that has longer lasting power, the more practical choice is a Eau de Parfum over the Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne. Fragrance formulas can be a mixture of fragrance chemicals combined with water, alcohol or scented oils.
Eau de parfums contain higher levels of scented oils, which make the fragrance notes more stable and the overall fragrance a lot stronger; whilst taking longer to evaporate from the skin into air. .

While a Concentrate is the strongest variant, which of course, is more expensive because the fragrance composition and perfume content will cost more.

What most perfume adicionados do is wear a perfume with floral or citrusy scent during spring or summer. During fall or winter, when the air is colder and heavier with moisture, they shift to using perfumes with woodier or spicier layers.

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