Are Cortexi Reviews Claiming Tinnitus Treatment Accurate?


When reading Cortexi reviews for tinnitus, the supplement is described as auditory drops that support ear health, whilst providing relief for inflammations. The solution is applied by way of direct drops to the ear; or as prescribed by one’s primary care doctor if to be used as l treatment for tinnitus.

It’s important to have awareness that Cortexi is only a supplement formulated to help people cope with their ear problems, especially in places that have varying atmospheric pressures. Apparently, the barometric or atmospheric pressures of a given location can change rapidly due to weather conditions. If so, the tinnitus sound perception could flare up and cause discomfort.

What Exactly is Tinnitus?

When tinnitus first emerged as an ear-health problem, it was simply described as a condition to which the afflicted person is bothered by ringing sounds even if no one else hears them.

However, subsequent surveys conducted by the National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders (NIDCD) revealed that as many as 25 million people in the US are already suffering from tinnitus. As the massively growing number led to further studies about the disorder, it was learned that the general experience among sufferers vary. Yet they all have a perception of sound even when there is no recognizable external source or producer of the perceived sound.

The revelations of studies conducted by The National Institutes of Health (NIH) indicated that quick changes in environmental pressure can adversely affect a tinnitus disorder. The NIH report stated that lower sea level pressure that comes about when it rains directly produces perceived sounds. It’s reportedly worse if the changes in atmospheric pressure happen during plane flights.

The National Organization for Rare Disorders also found out from its studies that aside from a ringing sound in one or both ears, tinnitus can also be associated with whooshing, roaring, hissing, chirping or cricket-like sounds.

According to the NIH, the reason why we should take tinnitus as a serious disorder is because it’s a symptom linked to Menière’s Disease, a hearing impairment occurring in the inner ear that often leads to hearing loss. NIH findings say that atmospheric pressure is critical to the worsening since the disorder affects the inner ear, which could worsen and lead to hearing loss, along with possible feelings of anxiety and depression

Can Cortexi Treat Tinnitus?

While Cortexi is directly applied to the ear to address ear inflammation, the results are not the same for all users. Some claimed reimbursement for their purchase by claiming the money back guarantee being offered by the Cortexi manufacturers. Mainly because they claim that the supplement failed ton treat their tinnitus.

Yet customers who continue to use Cortexi as an ear-health supplement, also adopted lifestyle and dietary changes as additional health support.