Genu Valgum: Joints and Weather


Are you aware that some people’s joints can predict rain, thunderstorms and the like better than a weatherman? When the temperatures change, knees, hips and ankles cause particular problems. The change in temperature can affect people with genu valgum.Genu Valgum

What has long been anchored as a truism has now been proven by a Europe-wide study. Two-thirds of the 2942 participants with joint pain said that their symptoms were influenced by changing weather. Older southern Europeans in particular have “weather-sensitive” joints. Changing temperatures disturb the physical equilibrium and thus worsen arthritis, for example. Joint stiffness and pain increase during such weather periods. Exercise can help in advance.

Genu valgum: Joints are sensitive to hairdryers and rain

According to the study carried out at several European universities, those affected by arthritis, arthrosis or people who have “old” injuries to their joints, for example, healed bone fractures feel the changing weather as their symptoms worsen. The respondents filled out a pain calendar over a period of 2 weeks, where they noted when and in what weather the pain occurred more intensely.

More than two-thirds of the test persons proved to be sensitive to the weather. The sensation of pain due to the influence of weather is likely to be particularly widespread in southern regions of Europe. The respondents stated that changes in the weather situation are noticeable on their joints before they occur. The reason for this is fluctuations in air pressure in the atmosphere. These are joints that have already been damaged by injury or illness react sensitively to this.

Genu valgum: Movement alleviates discomfort

If you already know that your joints are sensitive to the weather, use moderate exercise to counteract joint stiffness, swelling and pain. The reason for this is that restraint often has the opposite effect and can intensify the symptoms. Gentle sports such as walking, swimming or riding on the ergometer are particularly suitable for ailing joints.

Genu valgum: Weather vs. air pressure

Strictly speaking, the weather is not to blame for painful joints. Rather it is the change in atmospheric pressure.

The air pressure is the weight of the air that presses on the earth. Just before bad weather sets in, the pressure in the atmosphere drops. The phenomenon is known from barometers. They forecast the weather development in the coming days based on the falling or rising pressure.